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What's this App about?

The idea behind the save-the-rain water productivity calculator is to basically use open data sources to actually make a difference in the world.  This creative app strives to deliver a tool developing worlds and areas suffering from water shortages can utilize to help make decisions with regards to rain water harvesting.  This original app also provides an avenue to raise awareness of how high a value rain water can have in the production of crops/hunger resolution.

The user experience is designed for the non-technical viewer.  The Google Maps experience contributes to the ease of use and performance of the application.

What technology does this App use?

This application utilizes the Google Maps API and ESRI's ArcGIS Server held together with a bit of JavaScript.


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Please refer to the image below for help, or, watch the demo video.


Calculate Water Productivity...
The World Bank Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) include a target to Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger by 2015. Water productivity is an essential key to help meet the World Bank's target. Did you know water use in agriculture consumes more than 75 percent of water in the developing world? Demand for more food goes hand in hand with population increases. Water productivity will have to be raised to meet the demand for for more food. One way to help the World Bank meet its MDG is to help raise awareness to how capturing and saving rainfall can help irrigate crops.

1. Find a rooftop anywhere in the world.

Type in an address below and hit GO!, or, just use the map controls to zoom to a roof.

Need some suggestions? Kenya | Zimbabwe | Ghana | India | Brazil

2. Draw a box over the roof.

Click on each corner of the roof (clockwise). If you click on the wrong spot, you can drag the corners to the right spot, or, start all over again by clicking on the "Start Over" button. Click on the "Finished" button when finished.

3. Results:

The area of your roof is:
The amount of rain this area receives in a year is:
Please wait...determining rainfall...
You could harvest:
That's enough water to flush an average toilet: